Jan 24, 2008

Using Elluminate Live for Your Blended Classes!

This entry made particularly to answer a question, by Lori in New York, on using the vRoom by Elluminate live! Lori and everyone interested, I did use the virtual room by Elluminate for one of my ESP, Business English blended classes. I found it very helpful as it allows high quality of participation through audio, video, and text. It also has breakout rooms that made group-activities so easy to do online. Also, allowing power point files to be uploaded helped me prepare lessons on the fly. The Whiteboard tools are so useful and effective in terms of participation or adding information and questions quickly. So, my experience using Elluminate was very successful.

Hope this is helpful, Lori! Please let me know if you have other questions about the Elluminate vRoom.

All the best :)


New York Lori said...


Did your students know how to use all of the features of the virtual classroom (like whiteboard, navigating to the breakout rooms, etc.)? Or did you first need to review everything in your f2f class?

If you did review the features of the virtual classroom beforehand, how did you do it? By handouts? A PowerPoint presentation? In the computer lab?



bethg said...

Thanks for your positive comments about Elluminate, Buthaina. In answer to Lori's second question, I'm not sure how you got your students up to speed in the virtual classroom, but Elluminate has 5-miniute participant training that is an easy way to get started. Just visit: http://www.elluminate.com/support/training/ for more information about all the training (live and recorded) we offer. There are even brief single-feathre tutorials available.

Keep on Elluminating!

- Beth, Elluminate Goddess of Communication

Buthaina Alothman said...


Thanks for your helpful comment. The link and the participant orientation slides are super! Can I upload the slides to our wiki Tutorials ?


Buthaina Alothman said...


In this first week of that ESP course, learners were introduced to the various technologies integrated in the course, including Elluminate vClass. You can say that it was a one-week hands-on workshop when the learners had to actually try or create their own web spaces and learned how to use the vRoom. All these activities took place in different learning environments, including a c-lab, and an Internet cafe. So, there was also a blend of formal and informal physical learning environments throughout the course!

Hope this is helpful!