Jan 24, 2008

Web 2.0 and Its Business Implications

Even in hyper-wired (or wireless) Finland, I'm surprised sometimes by my students' unfamiliarity with some of the web 2.0 tools we are discussing in this EVO session. The majority of my students study business here at the University of Vaasa and I use a lot of web 1.0 tools with them already, including radio segments downloaded as podcasts (ok, this is getting into 2.0) or streamed live into the classroom as listening texts. Two pieces I came across recently addressed the issue of web 2.0 from a business perspective. I thought I'd pass them on here. As I integrate web 2.0 tools into my classroom, I find it useful to discuss web 2.0 more generally with my students in terms of their area of studies.

Who is Grady Harp?: Amazon's Top Reviewers and the Fate of the Literary Amateur
by Garth Risk Hallberg

Slate is a daily online magazine (an ezine), which also has a daily podcast of one story being read aloud.

Second Life's Economy Slows Down, Too
aired Tuesday January 22, 2008
Marketplace is a daily half-hour business news radio program produced by Public Radio International in Los Angeles. It can be heard online, downloaded, and/or subscribed to as a podcast. Most segments have a full transcript available on the website.

For those of you who are brand new to blogging, do you see that I've inserted links into the text of my post here? Why don't you give that a try. Linking to other blogs and online resources is an important aspect of blogging as mentioned in one of this week's readings. In blogger, you can insert a link by highlighting the text you'd like the link to hide behind and then clicking on the small icon above (near the bold, italics, etc. icons) that looks like a small globe with a chain link above it. Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions!


halanur said...

Hi Jen could you explain in more details. You just put words where is the url?
hala salih

Jen said...

Hala, Thanks for asking. You type in your text as usual. Then you highlight the words you would like to have linked. Then you click on the globe with the chain link. A small window will pop up when you click on the globe/chain link and this is where you insert the url (http://...) Hope this helps!

Toni said...

Really interesting articles. The Grady Harp story pretty much illustrates why I remain a skeptic about this amazing other world the WWW has created. How do you know who you're really talking to? Or what their agenda is? Or even simply their qualifications?

How do we help students use the web and all these tools responsibly, critically, thoughtfully - both as producers and consumers. What do I say to a student who says "I'm sure it's true - I read it on the web"?

Great food for thought ... thanks!
Toni in Moscow