Jan 23, 2008

The Great Divide

I read Hala's post today and felt that I had to move it up into the main posts because I think she touches on something that is important for all of us to think about no matter where we live and work.

Hala's post is between the *** marks. Let us know what you think and your experience with this problem. What can we do to help our students who don't have the same access to computers and the internet as others? Scroll to the bottom of this message and click on comments to tell us your experiences.

hi i think this is my fourth comment today i is realllly great. I have different concerns from lori in introducing blogs in my esp teachings. khartoum univeristy is public univerity all levels of students are accepted. some of them are from conflict zones they cannot afford the luxury of even having three meals per day and some are so rich they drive their 2008 model cars. I feel introducing technology to the class can certainly leave some out. i feel that the poorer students are the ones who really need to know about technology some of them are really cleaver and so keen to learn as they feel that this is their chance to do something in their lives.

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Toni said...

Thank you Hala for your comment and thank you Debby for highlighting it as a post -- it does seem an important issue for us to consider.

I don't have any answers -- but there is Nicholas Negroponte's program "one laptop per child" – which at least recognizes the importance of this technology for learning today, not just for students in ivory towers, but everywhere ...