Jan 22, 2008

Live Session with Vance Stevens, on Blogging & Tagging for ESP/EAP Class, Tue, Jan 22 at 12:00 - 13:00 UTC /GMT

For more information about this event please go to Guest Speakers wiki page!

Looking forward to meeting most of the participants of the EVO 08 Web 2.0 for ESP!



New York Lori said...


I guess I know why I'm NOT a math teacher!

I calculated the GMT incorrectly on the world clock. So at 12noon New York time, I was sitting at my computer waiting for the live session to begin. Only I realized afterwards that 12:00 GMT is 7am, New York time. I think......?????

Well, at least I now know how to enter LearningTimes.org and get to the virtual classroom. That was a new experience for me! Do you (the moderators) use the
LearningTimes virtual classrooms for your online/hybrid classes? If so, could you describe what you do?

Thanks! See you "live" next time....!!!

halanur said...

Hi for the second time i missed the live session this time was because i got back from work at 3:50.This is really sad because I wanted so much to meet Vance Stevens as he was due to come to sudan to give us a three days workshop at the British Council about Web 2.0 tools due to Visa issues the Workshop was cancelled. Is it possible to make a new poll for the time of the future sessions hopefully the time can be delayed few hours. will you post the link for the recordings of the first and second sessions.
hala salih

Debby said...

Hi Lori and Hana,

I don't use the Learningtimes classrooms, but have used WebEx MeetMeNow and Adobe Breeze. I liked WebEx, but the features of Elluminate (the learningtimes choice) are better.
BTW, 1200GMT is 0700 New York time. I'm in EST also.

A new poll has gone up for the next online meeting. Please be sure to vote. We didn't have a lot of votes last time, so hopefully we'll have more participation in the poll this time.

for the Web 2.0 for ESP team