Jan 21, 2008

Week 2: Blogging and Tagging for ESP

Dear Participants,

I'd like to welcome you to week 2 when we will explore and learn
together more about the world of tags and blogs.

Please go to Week 2 to
start working on the activities of week 2.

Please read one or two articles required or recommended for Week 2 at
Resources page here.

Kindly visit the Guest Speakers page for information about this week's event.

Finally, I'd like to inform you that most of our communication and interaction for this week take place on this blog; so, please post your questions or comments to this blog. It'd be also great if you could share your thoughts or experience using blogs.

Happy Blogging and Tagging to all :)

EVO 08 Web 2.0 for ESP team


Debby said...

Looking forward to this week, Buth.

halanur said...

hi everyone I feel the real work is starting. i have made my own blog but I do not how to put pictures, graphics,animations and so on in the blog i can only type comments can you help?

Debby said...


You are using Blogger, right? I will post instructions on how to add things tomorrow. In the meantime, look for "dashboard" at the top of your screen when you are logged in.


Debby said...
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