Jan 21, 2008

I Am Not a Blogger!!

Yes, I am a blog reader and blog user, but I am not a blogger! I am only a teacher who likes and tries to use blogs for her classes. I may become a blogger one day, but at the moment I like to use bloggs for my classes.

A blog is a very practical tool that is easy to use by students and teachers, this is why I always integrate blogs in my classes, and encourage students, especially those enrolled in ESP, Science English or Engineering courses that required students to write search papers to present by the end of a semester. I ask my students to create their group-blogs so that they can help one another learn and improve their research and writing skills. In addition to that they learn how to learn collaboratively they also learn new skills on how to work on a project cooperatively and collaboratively.

I believe a blog is an essential tool for ESP classes since it really helps prepare lour students for their future jobs or careers. Most International Enterprises or businesses in any industry in general have integrated blogs to be used by employees. So, having our students use blogs for research or assignment or any other educational purposes would definitively support their learning process during their education years and later in their workplaces.

It's be great to hear your feedback or comment on this entry, folks!


Healthy said...
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Healthy Hope said...

Well, I became a blogger in December. The blog is personal, but could easily be used in an ESP course for health or fitness. [Although if you teach young children, their parents might not appreciate the inclusion of the Pussycat Dolls video.]

Notice that I said the blog is personal. Even though the blog is public and will remain that way, I hesitated to share the blog with the group even though Buth urged me to do so.

However, the power of blogging is in the sharing--so, here it is--my personal blog.

I am sharing because what makes blogs so useful is their interactive nature. I find myself logging into the blog just to see if I have had new comments. If I didn't have comments, I would probably stop blogging.

Keep that in mind as you consider the blogging week. All of the Web 2.0 for ESP team feels very lonely right now. We need some comments from our online community.

Anna Franca said...

Buth, l am not a blogger either, but l introduced a blog project to one of my EFL pre-service classes at uni last year. It turned out to be highly motivating for the student teachers and l learned so much through their learning process. Reflection and collective self-regulation are at the core of pedagogical blogging. However, l must say that it probably worked well because it was "blended learning". Would a blog project work in the same way if there are no f-2-f sessions?
Cheers, Anna

Anne said...

You're right Buth to point out that in this world there are bloggers and there are non-bloggers and it's fine whicever camp you're in. I particularly like that you have come out and stated it so strongly because it demonstrates that blogs have many roles and that you can use blogs as a classroom tool without needing to be an active personal blogger oneself.

halanur said...

Hi Buth what do you mean you are not a blogger i read this in your blog is there a difference between being a blogger and using bolgs in teaching?
hala salih

Loreley said...

Let me see if I got this straight... a blogger is a person who creates a blog and keeps it for personal purposes or maybe for some class and a blog user is the one who reads posts, comments on them but doesn't own a blog?
If that is the case, I am a blogger but in fact I have to learn more things before calling myself "a blogger". Or at least I feel I should include videos, sounds, surveys, etc to feel confident about using blogs... and I have to find time to do it ;)
See you all around,

Mona said...

Hmm.. I am not a blogger either.. In fact, I read other people's blogs everyday, I take great inspiration from many of them, I have found out a million interesting things since I subscribed to 'bloglines'!
But, I was/am afraid or shy to create my own blog because I must confess I don't know if I can handle it..
Anyway, I'll give it a try for the purpose of this course and.. who knows? Maybe I'll become a blogger :)


Omaima said...

Yes ... I Am Not a Blogger ...Yet!!

Buthaina Alothman said...


I like the title of your blog, Getting Started, it is indeed a good start. And your blog title can be eternal or suitable forever as you could blog on any new learning experience you start now and later! So, why not blog your first entry to talk about and share a part of your learning experience in week 2? You may add your ideas on ways blogs can be used in the ESP classroom. Just a suggestion.