Jan 15, 2008

Welcome to Web 2.0 for ESP, Week 2!

Hello all, just created this blog for us to use in Week 2. The purpose of using this blog for week 2 is to practice and learn, together more about group-blogs. This blog will set an example for all of us.

I was thinking about creating a blog by Edublog but since I'm more familiar with blogger I preferred to come here. Maybe you prefer to use Edublog for week 2 assignment, so please feel free to use whichever!

Se you, soon!


Jen said...

Buth, I really like some of the features blogs have to offer. Looking forward to following along next week.

Buthaina Alothman said...

Jen, the new features are offered by Google/Blogger, i.e using your google accounts! So, it's literally offered to users who use gmail. Btw, I'm thinking of trying to create a blog by edublogger for our session blog; what do you think?

PS Jen, I'm testing slide guestbook map on our blog; and I've sent you an invitation to sign the guestbook, have you received?


Debby said...

Take a look at wordpress also. I tend to like it better.


New York Lori said...


Wow! My first blog entry! I don't want to write too much until I see this published. If all goes well, I'll write my comments about the readings in the next entry.


New York Lori said...

Well, well, well......it worked!

I read all the articles for the week and here's my comment:

My main concern about using Web 2.0
technology for my English classes is the time factor. I'm worried that I'll be "on call" to my students 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. I envision having to check blogs, emails, podcasts, wikis every single day of the week in order to give prompt feedback to my students. I think of all the writing assignments that my students send to me for reading and editing via email. All of the above is in addition to the daily research, planning, and preparation time that I want to do in order to conduct my dynamic and productive English learning classes.

In the good old days, teachers taught class, gave homework/project assignments, and didn't have any contact with the students until the next class. I think all of these Web 2.0 tools are incredible and I can't wait to start utilizing them in my classes. But at the same time, I panic thinking that I'll never have any downtime between classes. I'm also not sure I'm comfortable that students have 24/7 access to me.

Toni said...

Like Lori before me, I'm just going to send this to be sure I get it right!

halanur said...

hi i think this is my fourth comment today i is realllly great. I have different concerns from lori in introducing blogs in my esp teachings. khartoum univeristy is public univerity all levels of students are accepted. some of them are from conflict zones they cannot afford the luxury of even having three meals per day and some are so rich they drive their 2008 model cars. I feel introducing technology to the class can certainly leave some out. i feel that the poorer students are the ones who really need to know about technology some of them are really cleaver and so keen to learn as they feel that this is their chance to do something in their lives.
hala salih