Jan 23, 2008

Recording of Vance Stevens' on Blogging & Tagging for ESP/EAP

Hi all,

We'd like to thank our guest speaker for this week 2, Vance Stevens for the useful information on blogging, tagging, and using technorati, which he shared with us at the live presentation, on Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008. We'd also like to thank our group members, Sylwia, Mark, Toni, and Janet for their participation in this session.

We're sorry that other participants couldn't make it to the live session this time and hope they'd be able to join us in other future live meetings.

For your convenience, the recording of the presentation, created courtesy of LearningTimes.org support team, can be found at Recordings page on our wiki.

Kindest regards,
for the evo 08 Web 2.0 for ESP team

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Jen said...

Thanks so much for posting this - it's great for those of us who couldn't be live.