Jan 22, 2008

Participants' Blogs

Hi everyone,

Post the links to your blogs here. We would like to see what you create.

Take a look at the links section on the right-hand side of the page for direct links to your colleagues' blogs.


Anne said...

What? Here? Mine is http://eduspaces.net/annef/weblog

halanur said...

Hi I created a blog it is still empty but I was very excited. it is at http://teachinginsudan.blogspot.com

Loreley said...

Hi everyone, I've posted a comment today but when I came here I saw I had to leave my blog address here. So here they are: http://web20foresp.blogspot.com/ (I created this one for this session) and I have another one that we used for Methods II last year: http://lorenarecio.blogspot.com
See you,

Moira Hunter said...


I've set up one very quickly for this session here


and will do more on it later :-)

soƱador said...

Hi: I have two blogs:


and a personal one:



jotex said...

Well, here's the link to my blog, such as it is!


francis said...

Hi! Here's the link to the blog l created with my EFL student teachers at uni:
CU, Anna

New York Lori said...

I'm so excited! My first blog!

Check it out:


F1 Experiments said...


I've created one to use with my class next week.

My Blog

Jen said...

I'm looking forward to surfing around to everyone's blogs! I'm sorry I can't post the blog I'm using with my students this term here - we've decided to keep it private, but my personal blog is http://lifesaquilt.blogspot.com (no need to post this on our blog, of course!). I don't imagine any of you are quilters, but I'm pretty comfortable with the blogging thing, so don't hesitate to ask questions.

Toni said...

One of the things I hope to do with this technology I'm learning about is find ways to connect my various private one-to-one Business students into a community of learners. So this first blog is just an initial stab at that.


This was great fun to do! What's next!

Mona said...


I created a blog but it's empty because I didn't have time to breathe this week (here in Romania we're in the middle of the exams session and we are busy grading our students0. I'm looking for excuses, I know...


It's called ESP and not only because I was thinking maybe I'll post some personal thoughts as well..


Natalia said...

Hi,I managed to create my first blog. It's at http://npatyaeva.blogspot.com/. Unfortunately I haven't got clear ideas by now of what I can do with it, but I hope I will by the end of the session. For me it's a real challenge to cope with all these new technologies, because I've never done it before.