Feb 4, 2008

Welcome to Week 4: Wikis

Hello everyone!

The live meeting today was very interesting and the best attended we have had to date, despite some scheduling conflicts and some technical glitches. Hopefully the recording will be of a good enough quality and without too many breaks for those who weren't able to make it to listen to this week.

We're starting Week 4 of Web 2.0 for ESP EVO 2008 now and the topic for this week is wikis.

You can read more about this week on the Web 2.0 for ESP PBwiki.

Here is a brief summary of our agenda for the week:

1. Review the wiki comparison chart on the class wiki and decide which wiki best fits your needs as an ESP educator.
2. Skim some of the resources on the resource section of the class wiki to get an idea of how wikis have been used for other classes.
3. Read the article about Web 2.0 applications (including wikis) for educators: Wikis and Podcasts and Blogs! Oh, My! What Is a Faculty Member Supposed to Do? from Educause. (link on the class wiki)
4. Set up your wiki.
5. Practice adding photos, audio, and video to the wiki pages in the Sandbox on the class wiki.
6. We will also discuss using wikis for peer editing.
7. Share your wiki via Twitter, YahooGroups or the Web 2.0 for ESP blog (there will be a specific post that you can comment on with your wiki url).

Jen and Debby on behalf of the Web 2.0 for ESP team

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