Feb 6, 2008

Using Google Analytics to Follow Wiki Hits

Hello everyone!

When we discussed blogs earlier, I mentioned that I have found in useful to try out some of the Web 2.0 tools we've been discussing for personal purposes before trying them out in class.

Last summer I did a lot of traveling in Finland's neighboring countries. I decided to try posting some of my photos for friends and family on a wiki, rather than via Ofoto (now Kodak EasyShare) as I've done in the past. You can check out my experiment here. This allowed me to learn how to imbed Picasa photo albums into my wiki.

This was also the first wiki were I installed Google Analytics, so that I could check up on how many people visited the site. In order to add this to your wiki, first create your wiki, then register with Google Analytics, then you will be given some html code to add to your wiki. Don't be scared off by this! If you're using PBWiki, it's quite easy. When you are editing a page, you can switch over to the html view from the easy point & click editor by clicking on the 'Source' icon near the 'Attach file' icon in the editing toolbar. Then you can insert the Google Analytics html code at the bottom of your front page. After you've done this, you can track the views of your wiki, complete with cool maps of where your hits come from.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.

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