Jan 27, 2008

Recording of Week 2 Live Informal Group-Meetting & Thanks for Your Participation

Hi all,

This post is to thank, Anna, Toni, Janet, Moira, Jen, and our special guest, Michael Ivy for their participation in our second live group-meeting of week 2. The meeting went very well and the discussion was so fruitful with many new tips and ideas on blogs and blogging for ESP classes.

Michael Ivy shared a link to his ESL/EFL blog for EFL learners in Rome. He talked to us about some the techniques he uses through his blog to invite for more interaction from his students. He also talked about how easy and quickly it is now for anybody to add widgets to a blogger blog. He showed an example of how to install the widget of Tag-Board into your blog; indeed, doing that was a breeze! Finally, Michael invited us all to post comments to his ESL/EFL blog! Michael also talked about some different types of blogs, such as personal and just for hobbies and fun blogs, like the bicycle blog, Rural Rides in Central Lazio, which he's been maintaining!

Later, Jen did an interesting short presentation on blogger vs wordpress blogs! She highlighted important features available at both platforms, in addition to advantages an backwards of each. She then talked to us about tags and how they can be used to help in the assessment process in any online course that uses a blog as its main LMS. You could learn more about this technique and other relevant stories through Jen's latest post to this blog.

For those of you who couldn't make it to the second live informal group-meeting, please check out the link to the recording of the event provided on our Recordings wiki page.

Thanks, again for your participation, and we look forward to meeting you all live online next week!

All the best :)

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SylwiaPisarek said...

I would like to thank also for the meeting. It was very inspiring. I teach students of Law at blended courses using MOODLE, but I suppose that offering them a web 2.0 tools outside the platform could be a good idea. So I thought about building a blog Drinking and Driving -Poland
http://drinkinganddriving-polandi.blogspot.com/ a a contribution to this problem and a plac where we could disscuss different solutions to the problem if your students are interested in commenting the topic. Feel free to join. My students have now a break, but in two weeks time I am sure will comment it.